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Unlimited Validity : Never worry about your SMS running out of Validity, at we offer unlimited validity

Secure Account : We take security very seriously at we operate with some the most secure Servers out there.

Instant Delivery : Your SMS content will be delivered in a blink of an eye, Guaranteed.

100% Reliable : With Redundent Servers in 7 Major States, is 100% Reliable.

Instant Activation : Create an account with in Seconds, You can start sending those messages under 2 Min.

Unlimited Sender IDs : With you can create unlimited Sender ID's

Easy API Integration : We Provide Secure API Key to integrate with your exisiting CRM or POS

Easy To Use : Our Easy to use UI gives you the ability to focus your marketing efforts without hustle

Customer Support : has a strong customer Support team to cater to your needs.

Enquiry Management : Focus exclusively on growing students by skipping all the admission hassle. All you need to do is fill the student information and our Software’s does the rest for you.

Follow-ups : we never lets you miss any potential lead. Stay in touch with all your enquiries by sending follow-up messages with a single click through our school ERP System.

Paperless : we helps you manage all your enquiries at a single place and make sure you get the most out of a potential lead in a little period of time, no more pen-paper hustling.

Ready-made Analytics : No more brainstorming sessions, we have done it for you. Get insight into all the statistics and prepare your best strategies.

Instant notification : Don’t let your parents and staff forget you. Keep them updated with all the latest information about everything taking place in school. Our school management software lets you send unlimited in-app notifications without any extra charge.

SMS notifications : Send an SMS for emergency notifications, parenting meetings, student attendance etc. right within the our panel itself.

Digital diary : With our send students' homework and assignment updates directly to parents. Let the teacher be free of worries of a child hiding homework from parents.

Fee status alerts : Send regular fee due alerts to parents and get your fee collection done on time.

Calendar : Pre-schedule all the important events and holidays to keep the parents updated in advance.

Assessments : We know it's hard to believe but yes you can structure your exams within 10 mins with our Software.

Creating tests has never been easier, once the questions are added an automatic test generator creates a test within seconds on the basis of difficulty and topics selected by the teacher.

As we are able to assess time in online tests, a detailed analysis can be provided to the students based on his behaviour on each question only in our state of the art learning management system/ school management software. It provides a detailed comparison on behaviour of other students as well for healthy competition and overall growth of the student.

With over 1 lakh questions added in our library. Students can be assessed thoroughly in every concept.

Sharing exams related notifications like date sheets, report cards, analysis is just some clicks away!

Print admit cards of all students at once with ease and minimal effort and instantaneously share with the students.

Determine student’s academic and co-curricular overall performance at one go, with all the required data pre-populated from various tests, assignments and skills.

Focus exclusively on growing students by skipping all the admission hassle. All you need to do is fill the student information and we does the rest for you.

Realtime attendance alert : Make parents free of worries of a child reaching school or not. With Schoollog, send daily real-time attendance updates to parents.

Biometric integration : With the our teacher app, record attendance manually in no time or through biometric device integration.

Weekly/monthly reports : Want to check month old records? We have got you covered! Generate weekly/monthly attendance reports for a single student, class or whole school on a click.

Leave management : Focus exclusively on growing students by skipping all the admission hassle. All you need to do is fill the student information and our ERP Software does the rest for you.

Fee management : Top school management system helps you with managing all your fee management chores under one roof with keeping all the records safe and secure.

Online live classes : Everything a school needs to manage their school and online studies under one roof, we have integrated one of the best solution for online classes in our learning management software/school erp system

1. With zoom integrated in our application you don’t need to use separate apps for different tasks. Students can directly login to school branded student applications and join live classes.

2. Along with live classes, teachers can record the lectures and then upload through the teacher’s app and the lecture will be visible instantaneously to the students or teachers can also schedule the time of publishing.

3. Detailed reports can be seen by the teachers and principals of the school about the students who have seen the video and the students who have not.

4. Total control over what the students should see and when they need to see, and constantly monitor growth of every student.

5. Assignments can be published same as lectures for regular assessment. And the teacher can give remarks on it accordingly.

Doubts : Students have a dedicated doubt section, In which they can ask any doubt related to any subject and it will be redirected to the respective subject teacher. Where the teacher can try and solve the student’s doubt easily with the help of videos, audio or any other file or link. Two separate sections are created for open and closed doubts for ease of access.

Discussion : Just like any other group discussion where students can discuss any particular topic and the other students can present their views on the topic as well and of course with the supervision of the teachers.

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